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Otherworldliness Is Not Just After 50

“Individuals take various streets looking for satisfaction and joy, since they are not on your street does not mean they are lost” – Dalai Lama Frequently ‘religion’ and ‘otherworldliness’ have been confused with something very similar. Religion is the “extraordinary truth of life” which is clear in the physical world, yet Spirituality is the thing […]

Higher Knowledge and Spiritual Experience – What to Buy?

The objective of the magical procedure is to help total human development. The Sufi states that humankind is advancing to a higher otherworldly condition and this advancement is deliberate and coordinated. The final product of this procedure is increasingly finished individuals who are better ready to serve themselves as well as other people. Voyagers continue […]

Controlling Our Thoughts and Feelings

“I saw my lower self as a rodent. I asked, “Who are you?” It answered, “I am the decimation of the imprudent, for I prompt them to mischievousness. I am the salvation of the companions of-God, for on the off chance that it were not for me, they would be pleased with their immaculateness and […]

The 7 Dimensions of Spiritual Thought

We as a whole experience the ill effects of that exceptionally stunning human condition which constantly drives us to investigate our otherworldly selves. Honestly some more than others. Not critical… What is vital to acknowledge, is that while we as a whole live, learn and advance profoundly, we work inside the domains of basically seven […]