The Monastic Life – The Path To Spirituality?

Presentation Elijah and John, as different loners (an ascetic lifestyle) lived in the deserts. Jesus did not. What at that point is the pathway to profound development? Is it the life of the priest or something else? What we accomplish, it must be noticed, the religious life or something else, is by the beauty of […]

Otherworldliness Versus Religion

I turned into a profound individual at an in all respects early age. I got a mind-blowing beating in my second seven day stretch of school. It was break time and we were playing in one of the illegal patio nurseries or asylums the nuns used to visit for supplication. It was the most dazzling […]

The Power of Spirituality: Why We Need It

“Similarly as a flame can not consume without flame, men can not live without otherworldliness.” ~Buddha I was so moved as of late by “Savage Light,” a narrative about how otherworldliness spurs individuals to make strong move so as to change the world. What conveyed me to a sea of tears in this narrative was […]

The 7 Dimensions of Spiritual Thought

We as a whole experience the ill effects of that exceptionally stunning human condition which constantly drives us to investigate our otherworldly selves. Honestly some more than others. Not critical… What is vital to acknowledge, is that while we as a whole live, learn and advance profoundly, we work inside the domains of basically seven […]

Yoga and the Spiritual Life

Life is Yoga, numerous individuals don’t understand this straightforward truth as it was for a long time only some nearly religion like experience for some to play around with. Mostly evident, Yoga is fun, life is fun relying upon your own viewpoint, which means what is your frame of mind? Positive, negative, unconcerned, self-satisfied, or […]